Maison Eleanor Côte

You Made it Possible

A big hug and deep appreciation to all our donors who made the “Building Hope” campaign such a great success. With late donations, we have surpassed one million dollars! The house has been operational since May 2011. The landscaping is second to none, thanks to a generous community benefactor. Forty-eight families get relief on a monthly basis. Their children are stimulated and happy, and parents get the break they need.

The project will require regular capital improvements and specialized equipment purchases in the months and years to come. We will continue to need your help to make investments in such things as a generator, an elevator, educational materials and outdoor furniture. All these items will need to be customized to meet the requirements of children with special needs.

Donors have already come forward with pledges of continuing support. This project is a clear demonstration of what can happen when the community gets behind a cause.

Thanks for the confidence you have in us and for the trust that your dollars will continue to be well spent!

Gary Whittaker, Chairman
The Building Hope Campaign


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Why Build a Respite Home?

When the Taylor-Birks Foundation surveyed WMRC senior management and staff on their most pressing need, a few years ago. the answer was unanimous: an opportunity for families to rest and recharge.
Caring for a special needs child is never easy. and without the time to care for themselves, families can easily brealr apart. While respite services are available. they often lack facilities for children with complex needs. This new home will help families who have been shut out of regular respite services.

Why is this home different?

Eleanor Cote Home is the result of $1 million in corporate, community and employee contributions raised over two years: an extraordinary show of dedication. collaboration and hard work.
Because it has been built from scratch. the home`s design and every detail have its future clients in mind. It is spacious. accessible and safe.

Although it welcomes up to seven different people at a time (including the caregiver). this house is a home. It blends in with its family-friendly neighbourhood and is comfortable and inviting.

How does it work?

The respite home is be able to welcome six young WMRC users at a time, allowing up to 48 families to receive one three-day respite period per month.
The home is located in Beaconsfield behind WMRC’s Department of Child and Family Services with its specialized staff and facilities, which include a gym and multisensory room. Children staying in the home will enjoy community activities adapted to their preferences and abilities. Surrounded by friends. young users will appreciate their time at the new home – and their families will appreciate it even more.