The Board of Directors

The Taylor-Birks board of directors is comprised of passionate volunteers committed to building hope for families with special needs kids.

Taylor-Birks works alongside Centre Marc Vanier & the West Montreal Readaptation Center in a shining example of creative partnerships. The Taylor-Birks Foundation is committed to mobilizing community resources in support of the children and families who desperately need our help. These partnerships can grow even stronger with the help of our community. Our foundation is only as strong as the individuals, companies and organizations who generously help.

We continually seek new models of resource sharing and forging alliances with a view to integrating and collaborating with organizations and people rather than working in silos. The Foundation is resourceful, flexible and without rigid bureaucratic procedures, and is capable of defining then implementing innovative, long lasting solutions.

The organizational strength and vision of the Taylor-Birks Foundation is a constant source of motivation and inspiration for our many volunteers, donors and partners.