Who is Eleanor Côté?

Eleanor_CoteFor over 70 years, those in need have benefited from the devotion and generosity of Eleanor Côté.

A native of Town of Mount Royal (TMR), Eleanor Côté began volunteering for Montreal community organizations in the 1950s. Over the years, one of the closest causes to her heart has been that of individuals with an intellectual disability (ID).

Mrs. Cote’s distinguished efforts earned her Citizen of the Year 1988 from TMR and a commemorative medal from the Governor General of Canada in 1992.

Founded in 1982, the Eleanor Côté Foundation first provided training and work placements to people with an 10. Since then, it has continued to support people with special needs. Eleanor Côté was named president In 1993 and continued to chair statutory meetings until recently. When the Foundation closed its doors in 2010, some of Its remaining funds went towards building this home. The home’s name honours a committed woman with a big heart.